I Speak About….

I speak about this important and sometimes bewildering moment in time powered by social media and the natural human desire to connect in real ways with one another.

I have spoken at dozens of conferences to thousands of people over the last few years. The host organizations have included The Conference Board, Blackbaud, The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, Jewish Education Project, Center for Nonprofits, and even the U.S. Embassy in Israel!

Everywhere I speak, I am asked the same question: how do we successfully navigate this complicated world? Fortunately, I have the answers!

Social media are remaking the way we interact with each other and the relationship that organizations have with their people inside and outside of their walls. My talks and speeches explain how we can lead fearlessly and successfully in a fast-moving and very uncertain future. We’ll have some fun together and a laugh, too, I promise!

My keynote topics include:

Fearless Leadership

There is a lot to be concerned about in today’s world with whackadoodles and wingnuts seemingly at every turn. These scary people have reached mythical proportions, keeping organizations, and their leaders, locked behind closed doors. Allison will disect the myths that the world is too dangerous, its people too uncontrollable, to allow for engagement. Instead, leaders need to become more human, more vulnerable, and switch to working with people rather than at them. The result is an explosion of influence and good will that makes work more enjoyable and organizations more successful.



My reservation wasn’t held, I didn’t receive a thank you note, the store was closed when I arrived, no one called me when I was in the hospital (although I didn’t tell anyone I was sick.) Organizations receive these complaints from customers, donors and volunteers every day. The visceral anger that they come with is because the customer, donor, or volunteer feels that they don’t matter – that they lack matter-ness. Nothing feels worse than not mattering, and nothing is worse for the success of an organization than intentionally, or unintentionally, making your key constituents. Allison Fine will discuss how to matter-ness at the core of everything you and your organization does, and how social media can be harnessed to build and sustain loyal communities.

Creating a Networked Organization

We have our Facebook page up and our Twitter account going – but nothing much is happening. That’s because there’s a difference between using social media and using it effectively. Allison Fine will discuss how to take down your institutional walls and open  up to the broader community of people and organizations ready to support your efforts. Learn how to re-humanize your staff and organizations and how to build authentic relationships with customers, donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders. In the end, this shift in outlook and effort will enable your enterprise to be more successful and make more money!

Oh, one more thing: I prefer open conversations over a typical ‘death by a thousand slides’ format. I’m a storyteller at heart, and I’ll use my time with you to present a framework for discussion, a real back-and-forth, with you and your colleagues.

I’d love to talk to you about your speaking needs and interests. Please send me an email at afine AT afine DOT us.


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