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How Fortressy Are We?
What I Want to Learn in 2010
Working Wikily Blog Up

How Fortressy Are We?

I came across this wonderful quiz from Rich Harwood he developed for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (a notorious fortress!) The model highlights the difference between inward facing organizations and outward facing ones:

Certainly rings familiar to us folks who have been researching, writing, and talking for a few years on ways to help organizations transition from traditional command and control models to networks. It reminded of the Working Wikily model the Monitor Institute developed a few years ago of how networks work.

I’ve been thinking there might be a pre-step to Rich’s model. I was asked a few month’s ago whether I could develop a list of questions a group could ask itself to see how “fortressy” they were. So, here’s a start, I need to think more about how to score the answers to these questions, so open to help from you all on that.

How Fortressy Are We?

  • How comfortable is senior management with staff speaking as themselves on social media channels?

Not a chance! They’ll let one or two people speak for us. They’re starting to let more people communicate. We’re all on the channels.

  • How often do you hear the phrase, “That isn’t professional behavior” in your organization?

Every hour! Every day. Most days. Almost never. Absolutely never, but we don’t wear shoes, either.

  • Your communications about your organization focus on how unique and successful you are.

Of course, we have to raise money. Usually, our board expects it. Sometimes. Not often. Never.

  • How concerned are you in revealing your decision-making to the world?

Very concerned, somewhat, a little, not much, not at all.

  • What do we do when someone criticizes us?

Freak out! Call in the crisis management people. Spend a day worrying about it. Let the intern respond. Has someone criticized us?

  • Are your measures of success based largely on the number of people who participate in our efforts?

Of course! Largely. Evenly split with other measures. We never count heads or beds. Who measures success (don’t tell anyone)?

Let me know what you think of the questions/measures and what you would add or delete.




What I Want to Learn in 2010

I was reading Heather McLeod Grant’s terrific post on Working Wikily on simplicity as the cutting edge of thinking, and, naturally, it got me thinking.  Rather than wait for the end of the year to reflect on what I’ve learned, I thought I would start this year with a series of questions that I want to try to answer throughout the year.

This year, I want to learn more about:

  • How can we better coordinate online and on land activism.
  • Whether we are seeing a maturation of the social media toolkit, a leveling off point, with no new explosive tools on the horizon? Or are just pausing before more explosive growth and a tool that is unimaginable at the moment?
  • If fundraising contests will continue to hold our attention or will they begin to feel old hat and worn out?
  • Whether organizations are beginning to see tangible, financial returns on friend building?  Or have Utopians like me steered them wrong that investing in relationships leads to funding?

These are my starting point this year. Let me know what you would add or change and happy new year!


Working Wikily Blog Up


A few months back the Monitor Institute and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation released the paper, “Working Wikily“.  It’s a terrific overview for philanthropic efforts of working in connected way — I highly recommend it.

This week, the Monitor Institute launched a blog to further develop the ideas of collaborative, networked philanthropic action called, naturally, the Working Wikily Blog!  It’s a very thoughtful place and one of the few areas that I’ve seen dedicated to figuring out ow to activate and measure social networks for social change.


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