matterness_cover_small_2Matterness by Allison H. Fine

Many current and future leaders are locked inside their organizations afraid to venture out into the world. By doing so they are missing the true threat of avoiding the connected world. Here it is: Avoiders and their organizations become irrelevant — literally don’t matter anymore — and “age out” of their jobs and industries. Fear of losing control over every little detail prevents attention to details that do matter. Meanwhile precious energy is lost protecting yourself and your organization from change that’s not fully understood or appreciated. Exhaustion and inertia kick in. Bottom lines go red. Now that is the truly scary stuff.


  • Recognizes the real and imagined dangers of social media without coddling
  • Emphasizes the dignity and value of each person’s voice in a truly connected world
  • Gets to the heart of why so many people feel powerless when they should be feeling powerful
  • Uncorks and pours a tall measure of perspective on the remarkable opportunities of the social age, and a bit of fire-in-the-belly encouragement to make the most of them

If CRM, HR, and Leadership had a social media lovechild, they’d call it Matterness.

“Allison Fine has written the essential guide for organizational success in the social age. One of those rare books that actually achieves what it explains. For an organization, nothing matters more than Matterness.”

Ken Segall, Author, Insanely Simple

“Matterness makes a compelling and uplifting case for how our world is changing to honor the value of every single one of us. Fine explores the technologies, institutions and, yes, people who are helping usher in this new age of individual human dignity. Maybe it took the digitally immaterial to finally show what it means to matter.”

Douglas Rushkoff, Author, Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now

“Allison Fine has done it again! She lays out the concept of “Matterness” by offering best practices, stories, and examples of ways of working for organization as they ride the second wave of the social media revolution.”

Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Author, Blogger

“Matterness provides an essential framework for understanding why people and organizations matter so much to each other right now. This book is packed with great stories and important lessons, and should be mandatory reading for leaders of all organizations.”

Susan Crawford, Author, Captive Audience

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