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So Many Cool New Sites, So Little Time

So Many Cool New Sites, So Little Time

I’ve seen so many cool new sites in the last week but two in particular that I wanted to share:

  • Witness’ long awaited video hub, called The Hub, is up and running. It is billed as a “global platform for human rights and actio.” The Hub enables human rights activists around the world to upload videos of human rights abuses right to the site. This ensures that activists working on the ground in countries with repressive regimes can bear witness to abuse without implicating themselves by airing the videos themselves. This is disaggregation in the best sense of the term; a video channel particular to the human rights arena under the guiding direction of a quality organization that knows how to share information effectively. Witness is also a wonderfully transparent organization having recently released it’s annual “Performance Assessment Dashboard” a candid assessment of the organization’s progress over the last twelve months.
  • Another quality organization, The Sunlight Foundation, announced it’s participation in a new service called, ” Government Documents that gives anyone with an Internet connection the power to investigate the federal government. ” Created in partnership with Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, the tools allows individual and teams of citizens to review where and how projects are funded by Congress and the interactions between Congress (particularly individual elected officials) and the federal agencies.

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