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How Matterness Feels

How Matterness Feels

I was asked a very interesting question last week at an event. The facilitator asked me, “What does it look like when Matterness has taken hold?”

I stopped for a minute. I am accustomed to tactical questions about Matterness. How do we create programs conversationally? Where should we talk to people? What happens if we get criticized in public?

But this was different, it wasn’t “how do we do this” but “what happens when we get there?”

I stopped and thought for a second. I decided the question wasn’t quite right (the purview of being the interviewee!) It isn’t about what it looks like when Matterness is in place, but what it feels like that is important.

Efforts with an abundance of Matterness will have a different kind of energy that those that are continuously working at people. It will feel lighter and easier. The energy will be multi-directional, meaning that the organizer doesn’t have to come up with all of the ideas and resources. You will feel simultaneously more generous and more forgiving because all of your efforts are based on the idea that people are good and smart and of good will. The energy you used to spend worrying about people “gaming” the system or cheating or not fulfilling their obligations will be replaced by a deeper understanding of who your people are, what motivates them, and why they are engaged with you.

Matterness is about giving more than you take – and that feels great!


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