Matterness: What Fearless Leaders Know About the Power and Promise of Social Media

Matterness_Cover_RGB_200 dpiToday is the launch of my new book, Matterness: What Fearless Leaders Know About the Power and Promise of Social Media!

Matterness is the culmination of ten years of my thinking and writing about how people and organizations can be better together with social media. What I have found is that when people matter the most, the priorities of leaders change. We begin to see our organizations from the outside in, listen to suggestions and ideas, work with and not at other people and organizations. When we’re in conversation and connected we can direct how we want to work, get to the essence of our personal or professional goals, and make work manageable and enjoyable again. Matterness explains that we don’t need better people; we need better leaders.

This book feels like the end of a trilogy. Momentum described what social media was beginning to enable people to do that only organizations could previously do. The Networked Nonprofit focused on how organizations that embraced social media changed their shape and operated more like social networks than traditional hierarchies. Matterness is squarely aimed at the C-suite (and those who aspire to it) and imploring them to change the way they look at the world and their roles in it. We need leaders who aren’t afraid to be human and who want to be in conversation with people inside and outside of their organizational walls as co-creators and problem solvers.

When people like Jennifer James put Matterness to work amazing things happen. Jennifer created Mom Bloggers for Social Change, which brings together moms and causes and, in some cases, finds sponsors for trips overseas for the bloggers to help spread the word about efforts to cure a disease, get clean water to people in developing countries and alleviate hunger or poverty. In addition, the moms are actually helping to shape policy. UNICEF asked help shape the agency’s Newborn Action Plan with suggestions of ways to encourage new moms to seek perinatal health care for themselves and their babies.

Whether they like it or  not, people and organizations across every sector desperately need one another. Marrying their interests, rather than pitting them against one another, is the pathway to profits, sustainability, and success.

One last thing. Writing books are like running marathons, success requires cheerleaders and water cup holders and course correctors to make it through the course.  I will be enormously grateful to anyone who buys the book, but I also wanted to share today you how thankful I am for all of the support folks have shown me during the long writing process, and especially this week as the launch neared. I appreciate the well wishes, the emails with “hang in there!” and the little cartoon a friend gave me last week. Can you guess how it all makes me feel – it makes me feel like I matter!



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