When Bad Things Happen to Good Orgs Online

This month’s Social Good podcast is a conversation with Allyson Kapin about how to deal with a crisis that may erupt online. Allyson has great expertise in this area (even if she spells her name wrong!) as the founder of Rad Campaign, the chief evangelist for Women Who Tech and a book to be published soon co-authored with the brilliant Amy Sample Ward, Social Change Anytime Everywhere.

As the title of the post on the Chronicle’s website points out, damage control is largely about paying attention and reacting quickly and constructively to a disruption. Her key points:

  • Build your community as a base of support prior to a problem.
  • Spread out the listening. It doesn’t have to be just one person’s job to listen, particularly if you work at a smaller organization, spread it out, give everyone a channel to watch.
  • Meet the challenge head on. Don’t put your head in the sand, respond quickly and honestly because the issue a legitimate critic raises is probably someone else’s issue, too. Apologize, ask questions about why they feel a certain way, ask the community to help solve the problem.

In other words: Roll up your sleeves and get in the game! Enjoy the podcast.



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