2012 Voting Resources: Open Secrets

In the first election since the Supreme Court opened the floodgates of campaign money, Open Secrets is more important than ever. This site is the most comprehensive and best organized website tracking where and how campaign money is flowing. This year it’s also tracking the avalanche of “independent” expenditures, all that PAC money paying for “non-partisan” ads. Just take a quick peek at this graphic:


But drill down past the Presidential race, and the site becomes a fascinating microcosm of spending in local races. Here is a great graph capturing what’s happening in the Connecticut Senate Race:

How would you like to be Linda McMahon’s Treasurer? She put in $27 million of her own money, and in the last two weeks of the campaign has less on hand than Chris Murphy! The site has so much data about campaign spending. The tabs on top tell you who contributes to candidates, who from outside the district are giving (a travesty keeping many incumbents afloat.)

Open Secrets is a phenomenal national resource, and I strongly recommend you spend some time seeing where candidates for offices in your state and voting district are getting their funding.


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