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There is an awful lot of information out there about what to give to and how, but not as much help in figuring out what kind of giver you are. That even sounds a bit odd to write, what exactly does that mean, “what kind of giver” anyway?

WiserGiving is a pretty new online resource and toolkit for individual donors.  It was launched last summer with its “WiserGiving Style Quiz.” Here is how the Quiz is described on the site:
It is a simple 8 question quiz that helps you understand your giving style and make sure that you are getting the greatest impact from your giving.

I loved learning about the origins of the quiz. It was inspired in part by the Women’s Funding Network’s planning and evaluation tool, Making the Case, which was developed by a team of consultants lead by Stephanie Clohesy. Stephanie later reengineered Making the Case to use as donor strategy tool for her consulting work with high net worth individuals and families.

I just took the quiz and found that my interests align with Movement Building (which delights me!) And this very pretty chart popped up illustrating overall responses:

This is all good stuff, go and take the quiz, it’s easy and fun and will tell you something about yourself as a donor.


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