The Art of Network Weaving with June Holley

This month’s Social Good podcast, I have the honor of speaking with June Holley, the expert on network weaving.

Network weaving is at the heart of what’s next for social media for social change. It’s not new, social networks have always needed weavers, people who take the lead in connecting people to one another, sharing information, hosting the party, so to speak. It’s just that now that orgs have dipped their toes into the waters, they have their Facebook groups and pages, their Twitter accounts, maybe their Google+ accounts, their asking the question, what now?

Network weaving is the answer. It is the intentional activation of networks to do something together, but it isn’t intuitive for people coming with a command and control mindset.

June is the best explainer of networks in action. Take a listen and join the network weaving conversation on Facebook June is facilitating.


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