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I’m about to celebrate my third anniversary of hosting the Social Good podcast at the Chronicle of Philanthropy. It is such a privilege and great fun to have conversations with interesting people ever month – and to have so many people listen!

However, as I’ve written recently, it’s time for nonprofits to switch gears regarding the use of social media. Using social media are not longer optional or marginal to nonprofit success, they are integral. In other words, “Within these organizations social-media tools aren’t a department, a function, or one staff member’s job. The tools are integrated into every department and every function of the organization.”

The Social Good podcast needs to keep up with this transition.

Peter Panepento, my smart, colleague at the Chronicle, and I began to discuss the next iteration of the podcast. I also reached out to the wonderful Britt Bravo for advice because she’s well, Britt, smart, funny and has her finger on the pulse of all things social change.

Here’s our thinking to date for a new format for the podcast beginning in January 2012.

We’d like to get the voice of nonprofit staff and board members who have real questions and challenges into the podcast. We’ll begin by asking people to tweet in their questions/problems in trying to keep their organizations relevant and effective in the fast changing nonprofit landscape. Should we recruit Millennials for our board? What do we do with our aging direct mail donor base? How do we create social media policies? The podcast will be a conversation I’ll facilitate between the questioner (who may want to remain anonymous) with an expert providing context, resources and a few simple, immediate next steps.

And now it’s your turn! What do you think of this direction? Should the scope be narrower and more specific? Should folks be able to email in questions (I think tweeting imposes a discipline of being concise, but I could be wrong!) Should there be a crowdsourcing element to the problem solving?

I’d love to hear your suggestions!


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