Social Media Academy Part II

Last week I reported on the first all-day workshop for the Social Media Academy sponsored by the Avi Chai Foundation for ten New York city area Jewish day schools.

This week was the second in-person session. Lisa Colton of Darim Online facilitated the morning discussion about blogging and Twitter. We were then joined by Farra Trompeter and her team from Big Duck (isn’t that a great name!) for an afternoon filled with social media guidelines and measurement. (Here is a whole database of real social media policies for download, just fyi.)

The enthusiasm and engagement of the participants is palpable. Each school is assigned a coach to develop a social media experiment over the next six momths. It will be fun to see what they come up with.

A wonderful event happened at the end of the second workshop. Tami Stalbow of the Westchester Hebrew High School shouted “Eureka” as we were nearing the end of the day. What happened? Tami had been working trying all week to start a conversation on Facebook with her parents and volunteers to no avail. She finally asked if folks wanted bagels or muffins for a morning meeting the next day and someone responded, “bagels!”

Wahoo! For the first time online, Tami didn’t feel alone, she wasn’t talking into a black hole, there was someone there listening and responding.

The next question, of course, was “poppy seed or plain?”


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