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LinkedIn is a really fascinating social network, one that grew, leveled off, and now is growing again very quickly. The company, which clearly and badly wants to go public, has made changes over the last two years that has enabled it to reinvent itself as more than a job searching site. In a Social Good podcast last month I called it the Little Social Networking Engine That Could.

This month’s Net2 Think Tank focuses on LinkedIn. The Think Tank is a collaborative effort organized by NetSquared for bloggers that focus on nonprofits and social media to discuss one specific issue or question each month. This month’s question was, “How is your cause or organization using LinkedIn to create an impact around your cause?”

The answers were great.  Here are just a few, Claire Sales, the lead organizer, has also compiled them here.

One terrific improvement in the site is the ability of users to create open groups around a topic or keyword. Megan Keane wrote, “LinkedIn recently changed their group options to allow for open groups. We opted to make our group open which is helpful as it lets people who are not group members see the discussions. With an open group, discussions are also indexed by Google which opens up the coversation to a wider audience.”

Tobias Eigan wrote, “it’s like Yahoo Groups that has been beefed up with all the latest social media functionality and integrated with LinkedIn’s other reputation building and networking features. ”

Claire Sale mentioned that the Q&A function is a terrific way to engage group members to participate in discussions.

Take a peek at the full blog post, lots of fun stuff there.


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