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Dems Voting Via the Internet

Dems Voting Via the Internet

I love the PoliTicker, the weekly newswire of Politics Online because it always has delicious tidbits that I’ve missed like this one, “Dems Hold 1st Global Online Primary”.

For the first time, Democrats living overseas can vote in a primary for president being held from February 5-12. According to this article, voters will have the choice of voting online, by mail or at polling places in 100 countries. Voters log into the system created by Everyone Counts, Inc. in San Diego, receive a unique identifying number and then vote.

So, rest of the election world, and I mean you, Secretaries of States, Election Assistance Commission, voting reformers, PAY ATTENTION!  The future of American democracy is right here in front of us, I just hope I don’t have to move to Estonia to practice it!


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