Below is a humility-free list of articles I wrote or am quoted in:



  • 3 Myths About the Outside World that Fearless Leaders Ignore

    An article that I wrote for Inc. about the mythical fears that successful leaders ignore. It begins:

    “Here is the dilemma for business leaders: How can we work with people out in the world when the world is so unsafe? Outside is a teeming, chaotic mass of people armed with social media tools shouting at companies about what they want and how they want it. Inside it is nice and safe, with controlled processes and plans that should work–if everyone just left us alone. Outside they’re off message and uncontrollable, inside we’re on message and always in control.”

  • Fearless Leadership in a Social World

    An article for the Stanford Social Innovation Review I wrote about the pivot that organizational leaders need to make to focus on Matterness.  “We need a different kind of leadership to enable organizations—whether traditional legacy organizations, start-ups, or all-volunteer networks—to focus on Matterness. Organizations that enhance Matterness are open to the input of constituents, and encourage leaders to be real human beings with flaws and vulnerabilities. They value Matterness relationships over transactions, and focus on facilitating crowds of people with their own good ideas and resources, rather than trying to own them. These organizations follow as often as they lead, listen more than they speak, and co-create with their crowds rather than dictate to them.”

  • The Need for Synagogues to Work With Not At Their Members

    A post in eJewish Philanthropy about the need for synagogues to rethink their relationship with their own members. “Instead, organizations like synagogues continue to hide behind their fortress walls missing all of the good will, creativity and generosity available to them in their congregations. It takes fearless leadership to embrace Matterness.”

  • 5 Falsehoods that Keep Nonprofits from Making the Most of Social Media

    An article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. “Nonprofit leaders face a dilemma: How can we work with people out in the world when the world is so unsafe? There are 5 falsehoods that are keeping organizations locked inside their walls.”

  • Rethinking Pink: What the NFL Needs to Be

    An essay I wrote for the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Rethinking Pink called, Against the NFL’s ‘Limousine Philanthropy’. I argue, “The NFL’s charge right now isn’t to do something different, but to be something different.”

  • Revisitng the Joseph Kony Story

    A story by NPR News on the continuing reverberations of the video by Invisible Children about Joseph Kony from 2012.





  • Charities Look to Social Media to Turn Friends Into Funders







  • Back to old school!

    Here’s an article from Foundation News & Commentary about measuring activists results.

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