Crowdsourcing the Meaning of Life

What is the Meaning of Life? Marc Erlbaum, a filmmaker, was pondering this question and decided the best way to wrestle with it was to engage a crowd. Marc’s experience raising $150,000 for the first phase of the project on the crowdsourced fundraising platform, Indiegogo, and his efforts to begin to crowdsource individual stories about the Meaning of Life, are the subject of my Social Good podcast this month.

Marc talked about how important it was that he began with an existing and engaged network on Facebook. Marc and his colleagues at Nationlight have spent several years nurturing and growing a crowd of supporters for their mission of changing the world through film. They have over 55,000 Likes on their Facebook page, and lovely posts that stimulate interesting conversations like this one:

It was a perfect springboard for launching the crowdsourcing effort.

Marc also discussed how much elbow grease it took to keep his fundraising campaign going (a lot!) and how important it is to keep stirring the pot and feeding the network with interesting content to keep them engaged, passing information on to their own networks and helping raise money for the effort.

And now, Marc is interested in gathering content for his film. Feel free to send him your story via email on his website or on the Facebook page. Marc and his team will be filming ten stories beginning in November.



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Allison Fine
  • The Merry Missoulian

    Crowdsourcing for the meaning of life is a very intriguing idea. Well done, Marc (and Allison for posting this)!
    –Spencer S., newbie blogger at:

  • Marriam

    Thank you for posting. Many crowdsourcing platforms have embedded social media channels, allowing for greater audience reach. Do you have any suggestions for a crowdsourcing or a crowdfunding strategy?


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